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This is a private page for ICU contract process servers in Utah. Logout

ICU Process Servers Information

All the info you need to serve papers for ICU Investigations

The information provided below is necessary for you as a contract process server for ICU Investigations. Our desire is to assist you to be the best, most professional process server in Utah.

Main Office -

ICU Investigations, LLC
473 S River Rd #1-275 • St. George, UT 84790

Use this address for all US mail, Fedex or UPS.

Phone Numbers -

435‑986‑1200 ‑ Office  | 435‑986‑1825 ‑ fax
801‑400‑5141 ‑ Ronda Godard  | 435‑703‑7402 ‑ Mike Currie

Please call if there is any question about a process service we have sent to you.

Tools of the Trade

In your vehicle:

  • Identification.
  • IMPORTANT - Utah State law requires you to wear identification that you are a process server. A typical trade show lanyard and clear plastic holder with a business card or your PI license will do. Don't wear a badge, you are not in law enforcement. Example

  • Pens. Blue is best.
  • You need to fill in the "Date/Time/Who/By/Lic" stamp on every service. Fill in the details prior to getting out of your car. It is more difficult while the person you are serving is standing there. Also, start filling in the details on the Field Sheet(FS) prior to exiting your car.

  • White out.
  • You may need to white out the info you filled in on the "Date/Time/Who/By/Lic" stamp from a previous attempt.

  • Scotch tape, for postings. Do not use duct tape.
  • Attach the posting in a conspicuous place. Front door, window or garage door. Take a photo!

  • Current "Date/Time/Who/By/Lic" stamp.
  • Utah Stae law requires this information to be completed on the top page of the service documents. Example

  • Bright flash light for night serves.
  • You'll be happy you have one for serving at night. Addresses and street signs are hard to see in the dark.

  • Camera with GPS tagging (use Android phone or Iphone).
  • Many services require you to take a photo of the building with the address in view with complete GPS data on every attempt. Best GPS Camera App

  • "Did you know" cards.
  • This card is useful for the difficult subjects. Example

    This is the title
  • Optional - Clip board, Spot light, binoculars, night vision lens...

  • At home:

    A multi function laser printer so that you can scan, copy and print cheaply. End postage costs, easy scanning.

    A reliable internet connection. Have a complete understanding of email management, scanning and attaching documents. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro (not Acrobat Reader) – This makes scanning and managing documents much easier.

    Independent Contractor Agreement

    Our contract is an agreement between ICU Investigations and you.

    Please review, sign and email us a copy of the signature page. Agreement

    We will send you a 1099 at tax time. Get a local business license.
    Please complete, sign and return a copy to us of your W9. Fillable W9

    Process Server Central - mypsc.net

    This is the process management system we use and you manage your services in the system. We will provide you with a log-in and password.

    Please review the traning information on how to use PSC. PSC Training

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