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Civil Process Service

Civil Process Service

Serve any document, anywhere. Utah and Nationwide.

ICU Investigations knows the business of civil process service in Utah. Our decade of experience and our many, many satisfied clients confirms that we get papers served!

Each of our field servers is a licensed Utah PI. All are trained to perform as a process server and they are often able to serve a paper when others could not.

Our field servers are everywhere and serve papers in every Utah city.

Check the price to serve papers in any Utah city or town.

Utah State contract #MA534

We are a Utah State approved vendor to serve process for the ORS (Office of Recovery Services) and the Office of the Attorney General (AG) in 10 Utah counties. see counties

Same Day/Next Day Rush -

Specializing in RUSH jobs.
Email documents by 2pm for same day*.

Our clients love us for this service. And we come through everytime. Email documents by 2pm and we'll make an attempt by 5pm. And we'll make a later evening attempt for subjects at residences. *see restrictions

Statewide Mailing Addresses - for next day RUSH services that cannot be emailed.
Same day RUSH services must be received by email by 2pm Utah (mountain) time.

Fast -

Field people in all 29 Utah counties.

Even if it's not a "rush" we are still in a hurry. You and the court have deadlines. 1st attempt within 72 hours or less. Affidavits / proofs returned within 48 hours.

Accurate -

Every job includes complete reporting.

Another client favorite is our reporting. We provide useful details. Regular emailed status updates. We'll keep you informed. We keep you in the loop and work together with you to get your papers served.

Knowledgeable -

We know the court system in Utah.

Extensive reach and resources means we get papers served. Documents served using state of origination civil rules. We bring resources to the table only available to Utah private investigators. Access to state data bases and other data sources allow us to find the most difficult subject.

Plus -

FREE notary

FREE notary included for all affidavits or proofs. Many states don't require notarized signatures but if so, it's FREE!

Emailed copy of the affidavit or proof of service, your or ours, prior to mailing the original.

You can log-in to your account and see the status of each service.

All of our quoted prices either by phone or on our pricing program are flat rates saving you money.

Easy online credit card payment. Pay Online

Pro se Clients

Pro se is latin meaning "for self".

You are acting for yourself as your own attorney. We appreciate that and want to help you get the papers served.

When you contact us please be sure to include:

  • Your complete information.
  • The full name and address of the person we are to serve papers upon.
  • Let us know how many pages the document set is.
  • If / When there is a court date.

  • If you need help finding and address the basic search fee is $35.

    Have you been served papers?

    While that may not be the best news you ever had, being served papers is your right under the United States Bill of Rights and under Federal and State statutes as well.

    Here is the reason - You have rights in this country! You have the right to be informed of a legal proceeding that is being taken against you directly or that you may have a connection to in some way.

    Being served papers is the way the system informs you that a legal proceeding has or may begin.

    Although being involved in litigation of any type is a hassle and will be costly you do want to be informed. This is one of the rare and prudent ways that the system actually looks out for you.

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    Bill of Rights - 5th Amendment
    Civil Procedure

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